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Hawaii Poké serves delicious, vibrant and healthy fast food - the freshest bowls poké bowls in the city!

Poké ( poh-kay ) is a seasoned raw fish dish that originates from Hawaii. It has its influence from Japan and is best described as sushi salad. At Hawaii Poké we take the traditional poké and top it with fresh seasonal salad and vegetables to help you have the best food for your body and mind. Hawaii Poké is proud to be one of the first resturants in Scandinavia offering these naturally healthy superfood bowls!

All options are available with vegan, gluten and dairy free alternatives. Your poké bowl is created on spot, just for you. You can choose from the well-crafted Hawaii Poké menu or customize your bowl and have, poké your way. Hawaii Poké is the natural choice whenever you feel like having something healthy, tasty and filling without sacrificing on flavour. Poké is for sushi and salad lovers as well as paleo eaters, vegans and pescetarians. It is simply for all!


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